Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers about FMTY Dates. I know some of you have a lot of questions, especially if you are new to FMTY dates, and hope you will find some of the more common questions asked. Having the answers here saves a lot of time in responding individually. if you have a question where it is not answered here, feel free to contact me directly via email.

Q – Why is FMTY dates expensive?

A. Well it depends on what you consider expensive. What is expensive to one is not to another. But I think you have to take into consideration travel time for most ladies., especially International travel. An overnight date is really a 3 day date for an escort when you consider travel into the equation. And that is only within Australia.

Additionally, leaving for FMTY takes a lot of organization at home. We have other commitments that we need to jugle to be available to travel when required. Additionally, there are hidden expenses, like to and from airports taxis or parking, transfers, food on the road before we have even arrived.

Q. Who books hotels and travel?

A. I book my travel, but really it depends if we are travelling somewhere together, or I am travelling to your city. I am happy to book hotels / airfares if required. But in terms of my flights, I like to book those myself.

Q. Now that I booked a date in 3 months can i text you daily?

A. No. Our time begins when I arrive, not before. If we have a commitment to meet, and your excited to meet, I think that is great. But constant messages andcalls leading up to our date are a no – no. – Dont be that guy.

Q. Is the rate quoted fully inclusive? Does it include everything?

A. Again, some ladies have fully inclusive fees, others quote the fee for their time, and travel axpenses are an additional cost. For me, I used to have my fee fully inclusive of travel expenses. However, I am not quoting the fee for my time, and travel cost an additional expenses because they fluctuate enormously post covid restrictions.

Q. Can I pay a deposit and pay the rest in cash when you arrive?

A. For me, I like to get the financial part out of the way before I arrive. I rather not be given an envelope with large amount of cash to carry. Payment is done into a discreet company account. This way, that is completely out of the way leaving us to enjoy our time. If you are a long term client, perhaps we can work something out. But if this is a first meeting full amount must be paid before flights are booked.

Q. How far ahead can I book a FMTY date?

A. I have had clients book 6- 12 months in advance. The more notice you can provide the better for me. Short notice requests are more difficult for me, but long term commitments are fantastic.

Q. I want you to join me on a business trip but need you to be discreet in the hotel we are staying in. Is that possible?

A. Absolutely! many of my FMTY clients are corporate business travellers and discretion is super important. So no more.