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Hello gentlemen, Stephanie Hunter is my name. I am thrilled you have come across my profile here online.I am an Australian High End FMTY Escort, available to meet you throughout Australia by invitation.

Have you been searching for elegant company for special times? Someone who is well educated, travelled, sophisticated and elegant? If the answer is yes, then I am glad you found me. 

I am based in Melbourne, Vic , I  am able to meet you throughout Australia via FMTY requests.

When I say mature elegant companion, I mean I dress impeccably ( dinner dates especially important) in the traditional sense of what a stylish woman looks like. I have not gone under the knife and don’t have enormous fake breasts as is the current rage. I tend to not follow fads anyway. And so, I am not spilling out of my dress embarrassing you. The looks you will get with me are in admiration, not horror .

My style from head to toe is elegance, and only elegance. My dress sense if quiet conservative, and ” European”.

Dress sense aside, I appreciate fine dining as much as casual dining. I just like good food, and good food is not always found in fine dining restaurants. Good food is especially enjoyed with good company, and I like to get to know you better over dinner. I think you build intimacy when you an get to know each other.

Where can we meet on a FMTY date?

Anywhere. Choose any city throughout Australia. It can be a major Australian city or a small country destination. It could be by the beach or in the country. I love to travel, and love nothing more then visiting destinations I havent been to.

Whether you wish to meet in your home city, or somewhere away for R&R, or a business trip, let’s make it memorable together.

As a mature companion, often we have shared life experiences we can talk about. Honestly, that further bonds us and we can build genuine, organic intimacy.

Overnight FMTY dates accommodate all that, which is why I love them! Longer are even better of course!

I am incredibly discreet at all times, and always punctual.

Tel – 0400 992 626

Sydney FMTY Escort

Book FMTY Date With Me

Making arrangement to meet a FMTY escort like me is an incredible experience from start till the end. But I do understand, organising a fly me to you date can be intimidating, however it is not so complicated. Exploring different parts of Australia ( or the world) with someone you connect with can be an amazing, memorable experience.

 If this is your first time considering a FMTY date, I understand you are overwhelmed perhaps and a little unsure. Let me guide you through the process and what to expect.

I am an exceptionally well travelled FMTY escort. In fact, I was travelling on FMTY dates, well before the term was even invented. I was frequently jetting off to New York and London on FMTY requests going back to the year 2000. So I am experienced. Highly experienced in this domain and will set you at ease and guide you through the process.

What is a FMTY  Date

What is a FMTY date you may ask? Some are not even familar with the FMTY term, but it is becoming more and more frequently used. FMTY stands for Fly Me To You. It means that I come to your chosen destination to meet only you. It is not a tour, but a very private discreet way of meeting. We can meet in your home city, or we can go away somewhere together. Perhaps there is a destination you have always wanted to travel to but haven’t as yet? Travelling together is a lot more fun, exciting and memorable. A shared experience is very different to experiencing a beautiful place alone. And the world and all it’s beauty is not meant to be shared alone.

If anything, the pandemic taught us that human beings are not meant to be alone.  Been in lockdowns for a long period of time taught us ( at leats me) that human interaction is vital to our well being.

Gentlement hat book FMTY dates are usually busy individuals, who like the convenience of meeting at a city / country / destination on their terms. FMTY dates allow such indulgences.  Aditionally, gentlement that book FMTY dates are ones that really value discretion. Perhaps wish to spend time with a lady they have had their eye on some time. And so FMTY date is the perfect option.

Can I FMTY Internationally?

Absolutely. I am based in Melbourne, Australia however my availability to meet via FMTY date is worldwide. I have several different websites that focus on different regions around the world and my availability to meet. This part of my website focuses on Australian availability because I am based in Australia. However, I would be happy to meet you worldwide. Below this page ( scroll down) you will find links to some of my other websites and availability to meet via FMTY Internationally.

The process is the same, however there is a difference is costs and that is because it is International travel, which takes time and effort . Domestic flights within Australia are not as time consuming, and so that is where the difference is.

How long to book a FMTY date

That really depends on a lot of factors. Finance is a big one obviously. With a FMTY date, you have to consider not only the lady’s time, but also travel expenses. If you are going on a trip together, there is hotels, travel, food , ( shopping if budget allows). It is really up to you. Most ladies will have different set of criteria. For example, I will travel interstate for a minimum of overnight date. And usually the overnight date is a little more expensive then if you made the arrangement for a few days. Then the overnight rate is lowered to accommodate the fact that you are together for longer then 1 night.  But again, all ladies will have different rates and minimum booking time.

Please feel free to look through my website for further information on FMTY dates and I would love to hear from you. If you have any questions not answered here, happy to answer any questions you may have. Until we meet! x

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